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Coating Laminating Machine

Time:2017-6-13 16:59:43
Coating Laminating Machine

Performance Characteristics

1.This machine adopts frame structure type and length of machine can be determained by the user.

2.AC frequency stepless speed regulation,pre -traction,coating,laminating traction,rewinding,ect.are stnchronously controlled

3.PLC control with man-machine interface can achieve many advantages such as precisenesss,sensitivity,easy-operation,anti-jamming.

4.This machine adopts veins roller measuring coating type and auto glue homognized function;the veins roller can be processed by laser carving,electronic carving,machine extruding,ect.

5.Movable double shafts,pneumatic back pressure scraper and three-dimension adjustment can efficiently control the directions and pressure of scraper.

6.This machine adopts separately constant temperature drying system and various kinds of heating types,such as hot air cycling hegting,IR heating,ect;automatically controlling temperature in each temperature zone,adjustable cycling in-out air system.

7.Inner leading roller of oven adopts double gilde assembing type and drives with main machine synchronously; oven adopts door-opening on two sides or air cylinder pushing opening,operation platformas and defence grilles on both sides.

8.Auto counting,auto rising and decreasing speed,auto tape-broken inspection,auto error alarm,pneumatic conponents auto on-off.

9.Rewinding and unwinding adopt double working positions turning type or single working postion hydraulic pressing lift-drop type,materials loading & unloading by air shafts.


Tenchnical parameters

Suitable material

soft material (in roll) such as plastic film,aluminum foil,paper,laminating film etc.

Coating width


Machine speed


Coating speed

10-120m/min (According the material)

Oven length


Oven temperature


Heating type

Electric heating,Oil heating,Steam heating,stove.

Unwinding and rewinding dia


Notes:Weisheng reserve the right to change techical characteristics without previous adnice.

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