We attended 10th Shanghai International Adhesive Tape Protective Films & Optical Film Expo in 2014
Time:2017-6-22 14:53:44
July 17-19, 2014, after a tense exhibition layout and preparation, our company finally with a new look again debut in the tenth international tape, protective film and optical film exhibition [referred to as APFE2014] venue. We are Jiangnan machinery to become more than 500 exhibitors in a proud and proud.
The exhibition company dispatched a total of six experienced technical engineers and sales elite to participate in the exhibition, led by Wang personally, and carrying a new research and development of the machine - TB300-type multi-functional coating complex machine to attend, This machine is powerful, simple operation, by the customer attention. During the visit, the company visited the company because of the testing machine, from Guangdong, Sichuan, Tianjin, Beijing, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia and so on. They are very serious understanding of our machines, professionals carefully for their interpretation of the various parts of the function of the machine and the operation of the various buttons, the company dedicated to the distribution of business card business card.
Through this exhibition to see a lot of business booth layout than we are slightly better, and other companies also comes with entertainment programs, so that we realize that our company has to improve the place. But the show company shows our company has the characteristics and style, our company thriving, self-improvement of the spirit of the show in front of the world, so that our company once again a successful victory over an exhibition, there is more confidence to meet the next The arrival of the show!
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