Multifunctional Glue-soaking Coating Machine

Performance Characteristics

1.Whole machine adopts unit-frame type structure,oveb length can be made according to production requirement,upright oven combines with arched oven.

2.It is mainly used for glue-soaking coating of web materials.

3.Adopt hard aluminium alloy guide roller,surface brown hardening process.

4.Electric heating for oven,heating cycling wind by centrifugal blower,automatic proportional temperature controlled by solid-state voltage regulator(SCR mddule).

5.Whole machine controlled by PLC,man-machine interface,easy oprating.


Tenchnical parameters

Effective coating width


Production speed

2-20m/min (Depends on production technology)

Unwinding diameter


Reminding diameter


Drying type

Electric heating cycling wind

Temperature control


Winding edge planeness


Total power

About265kw (including electric heating power about18kwx13=234kw)

Overall dimension

18000×2500×7000mm (L × W × H)

Coating type

glue-soaking coatong (one side coating is achievable)


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