High-speed Dry-type Laminating Machine

Performance Characteristics

1.It'ssuitable for coating and on soft packing material.

2.Conterolled by PLC,man-machine interface is easy to operate.

3.AC variable frequency synchronoous drive,multi-segment tension closed loop autonativ control.

4.Multi-heating zone,temperature automatic cintrolled by PLC

5.Single(double) working posion unwinding and rewinding system controlled by automatic tension,

Tenchnical parameters



Suitable material

soft material (in roll) such as plastic film, aluminum foil, paper, laminating film, etc

Laminating width


Material width


Mechanical speed


Laminating speed

20-120m/min (Depending on the material )

Laminating layer

Two layer one time

Coating type

Comma scraper coating, weins roller coating, three-rollers coating, etc.

Heating type

Electric heating, Oil heating, Steam heating, Stove heating.

Unwinding and rewinding dia


Notes:Weisheng reserve the right to change techical characteristics without previous adnice.

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